Netc supports ALL label types including LTO, SDLT, DLT, 9840, 3592, AIT, SAIT, 8MM, 4MM, 9940, 3480, 3570, DTF, MO, Rack, etc.


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Netc Service Center Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop a recurring revenue stream for your business? I guess that's a rhetorical question. Of course you are! But how do you do it? You have made the contacts, built the relationships, and serviced the customers. Hopefully, your revenues have reflected your hard work. But each sale is an isolated activity. There is no correlation between the sale you make today and your revenue going forward.

We at Netc have a proposal we would like you to consider - the Netc Service Center. This turnkey, revenue generating business model is comprised of these key components:

  • Netc Label System
    • Netc Label Software
    • Netc Blank Label Stock
  • Preprinted Labels
  • Netc Custom Barcode Labeling

Here is how the system works. The Netc Label System consists of Netc Label Software and Netc Blank Label Stock. With each sale of Netc Label Software, the leader in desktop media label bar coding, you generate a sale of Netc Blank Label Stock. Since labels are consumable, each sale creates a future sale. You are creating a stream of recurring revenue. A one-to-many relationship. You may also sell Netc Blank Label Stock to existing Netc Label Software customers or to anyone else for that matter.

In another scenario, you purchase the Netc Label System and Netc Blank Label Stock and create your own Netc Preprinted Labels for your customers. You can now compete directly with preprinted label manufacturers. However, your profit margin is greatly increased since it's based upon the retail sale price of the preprinted label minus the cost of producing the label. You have created another recurring revenue stream. Typical margins are in excess of 50%. And the average ROI on a Netc Label System is less than one month. Pretty good deal.

The final scenario involves providing your customers with a value added Netc Custom Barcode Labeling service. You can create preprinted labels and affix them to a Magnetic Tape Cartridge (MTC). By adding the label to the cartridge you have created another stream of income. You may make more profit on the label than on the cartridge itself. Your profit margin is certainly greater on the labels than the cartridge.

Please give this proposal your utmost consideration. Then, download a fully functional demo version of Netc Label Software and try it for yourself. We believe you will find our products to be extremely functional, flexible and easy to use. We welcome you to join our growing community of companies that share our vision.